Stephen Guy

Director of Marketing

San Jose

Stephen joined Filice in 2013 with over 20 years experience in Design, Marketing, and Insurance. Stephen is responsible for all marketing collateral, much of the design and maintenance, along with lead generation here at Filice.

What you don’t know about me

– My family moved to Hawaii when I was a teenager (Oahu) and I became a salt water junky there. I spent every moment possible at Makapuu and Hanauma Bay boogie boarding, snorkeling, and surfing.

What might surprise you about me

– When I was 9 years old, I was jumping off 40m ski hill jumps in Leavenworth, Washington. I wanted to be in the Olympics as a ski jumper, but a move to Idaho put an end to that dream. When in Hawaii, a friend and I used to drop into an underwater lava cavern and swim into the channel … took about 65seconds to emerge from the underwater cave – it was a rush!

Guilty pleasure

– Dr. Pepper and Cheetos … my lunch staple in high school is still my guilty pleasure, LOL.

Favorite music genre

– Christian rock, wooden music (ie. Eagles, America, etc.), old time rock like Led Zeppelin.

Favorite book or author

– Pretty much anything by Max Lucado, but “In the Grip of Grace” is one of my faves.

Favorite hobby/interests

– To participate in: hockey, boating and water-skiing, snow-skiing, camping, mountain biking, dirt biking, scuba diving, any type of travel … spoiler alert: I’ve slowed down a lot, so now I do a lot more spectating of MLB Giants, SJ Sharks, Golden State Warriors and 49ers. I also really love to watch the Olympics, especially the winter games.

Biggest personal challenge

– For a person who was pretty dang skinny into his 40’s, weight gain has finally caught up to me. I really need to do more of the above and less spectating of the above. Sigh.

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

–  Professional musician, songwriter, performer, and recording artist (I don’t ask for much do I? LOL).

Favorite thing about working at Filice

– I love what I do, and I love the people I work with. The team environment is amazing and everyone feels like family.

On your bucket list

– Top two of my 100 plus items …  1) Take 2 years off and travel the US and Canada, 2) Not sure I still have the chops to pull it off, but I was never able to go helicopter skiing in Banff – I would still go for it if given the opportunity.

Favorite quote

“When you’re kind to others, you help yourself; when you’re cruel to others, you hurt yourself. The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.”   ~ Proverbs 11: 17, 24 The Message