Redwood City Office | 408.350.8426

Jenn joined the Filice team two years ago, has over 12 years in the industry, and currently manages the Redwood City team. Jenn strives to provide each Filice client with the leadership to design the right strategy, transparency in the performance of their insurance programs, and advocacy to ensure clients can navigate the system effectively. Jenn has also become an expert in technology and technology based solutions. She works with payroll integration providing her clients with full platforms that work seamlessly together to provide more efficiency.

What might surprise you about me

– I love to travel and have been to over 40 countries!

Favorite book or author

– Anything by Ken Follett (my daughter is named after the heroine in his latest book).

Favorite hobby/interests

– Sailing, skiing, camping, hiking, swimming, traveling, reading, relaxing, gardening, any outdoors activities. I like to keep busy!

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

– A police officer.

On your bucket list

– To visit 180 countries over the course of my life!

Favorite quote

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”  ~ Robert Louis Stevenson