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I would personally like to express my appreciation for the follow up and detailed information that Jeff Bader provided in regard to my Medicare options. He was able to cut through all the confusion and clearly explain how I should approach this issue. Filice Insurance has once again been there for CHA Industries by anticipating our needs in advance. This is a service that so often goes unnoticed. Thank you again for the coverage you provide.

We have been working with Filice for the last few years and have nothing but positive things to say about them. We regularly work with, Ray, Lisa & Nathalie – all are fantastic. They are VERY quick to respond and always make us feel like we are their only clients. We have a very complicated and manual benefits process at our company and Filice is always there to support us and provide knowledge and assistance when needed. I am very grateful we have Filice and don’t know what we would do without them!!!

Filice Insurance is great to work with.  I just took over HR for our company and Soleil, Lisa and Cindy have made it so easy to manage.  Our company has been working with them for years.  I would recommend them to any business in need of a great insurance broker.

Rob is very good at what he does. His reputation is reflected by his performance. He takes pride in his work and makes sure all of the correct information is disclosed. He is quick to reply to any questions and concerns and is able to rectify any situation that might occur between Employee, Employer and Carriers. I work closely with our Account contact, Louise Fishler, under Rob’s Supervision. I have found Filice easy to work with, great with open enrollment, and helpful in compliance as well as creating and formalizing a benefit website. Gordon Prill has always been a small group employer and we have just passed the hurdle during these last 8 months to exceed a 50+ group. Filice has been helpful in our transition to ensure we are in compliance with all that is required for a 50+ group. In today’s world where there are so many Health Care Changes and reporting issues, I am confident that Rob’s team will always manage our group with care as well as keep us abreast of changes with laws and compliance. I do not hesitate to recommend Rob Kidwell and his team at Filice Insurance.

The staff at Filice Insurance Agency are great. They are efficient, professional and friendly. I love the resources that Filice brings to our company. I am confident that I will get fast results and good resources when I work with Filice. Thank you to Jenn and Sheree and Keith!

Filice has been my favorite brokerage to date. Our organization had a previous broker that did not provide the level of service needed, but had ties with the CEO, which is where the relationship continued… having met with Mike Chavez at a previous company, i wanted to see what the service was like, thus i had him come in to pitch again. Mike and his team delivered to the tee…we were going through open enrollment at the time and the broker we had was so horrible, i switched to Filice in the middle of open enrollment. They had a website up for our organization within the week, redid open enrollment, and even fixed the issues to make our insurance more simple and easy to understand and control, all the while saving us money. Filice has the most helpful and best team… I can attest to this because i can be a very difficult personality to work with if someone doesn’t get it right the first time or doesn’t follow up with me regarding changes… Mike & Evelyn assisted the entire way and went above and beyond for everything that our organization needed! They are amazing and you will be very happy to utilize their services! Thank you Filice!

What can I say? FILICE ROCKS!!!

My company was looking for a new insurance broker and Filice kept coming up in all the conversations with my colleagues that are in the HR field.. My background is in finance, so I had no idea what a full-service insurance company had to offer. We’ve always dealt with boutique insurance agencies and it was not working for our growing company. Time for a change!

In enters FILICE! They know what they’re doing, they’re always picking up their phone, they always answer emails in a timely manner.. and on top of that, they offer other services besides health insurance. What a refreshing change!

Steve and Silvia from Small Groups did the presentation during Open Enrollment. It was not just an insurance representative that showed up in our office with a boring presentation. Steve was actively involved in the presentation and allowed employees to understand our plan changes. They add the personal touch to everything and our employees very much appreciated that. Both are so patient!

I highly recommend this insurance agency.