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Navigating Compliance in 2020 Seminar Series

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Please join us once again for our annual Compliance in 2020 Seminar Series – “Navigating Compliance in 2020.” These seminars are designed to prepare you for the year ahead. As with every year there are always many new changes affecting HR professionals and company policies. Here is a partial list of the topics to be covered:

  • New legislation – Assembly Bill 5; restrictions on mandatory arbitration and no-rehire clauses; the CROWN Act, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and more;

  • Wage and hour issues – court decisions regarding expense reimbursements, on-call shifts and on-duty meal periods, the “de minimis” doctrine, and wages statements; changes in the salary requirement for exempt status under federal law, and more;

  • Discrimination, harassment and retaliation – Social Security “no match” letters, morbid obesity as a disability, court cases illustrating the importance of documentation, and more;

  • And last, but not least – FMLA leave designation rules, background check disclosure rules, and the latest developments from the NLRB

Register for a city near you. $95 admission. Filice clients attendance is complimentary.