HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs … Oh My!


 Employers are increasingly looking to consumer-driven health plans to help reduce continually rising health care costs. This webinar will review the consumer-driven health plans typically provided by employers: health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and health savings accounts (HSAs). Whether a novice or an expert, this quick refresher is sure to provide some […]

Alternatives to the CalSavers Mandate


California is requiring all employers with 5 or more employees to implement a retirement plan by June 30th 2022. Whether it’s CalSavers or a stand-alone 401(k), employers need to understand their options, stay compliant, and provide the best value to their employees. Join us to learn the basics of CalSavers and explore alternative options.

Equal Pay for Equal Work: Is It Time for a Pay Audit?


Join us to learn about one of the most significant areas of compliance focus in today’s environment: the gender pay gap.  During this webinar, we’ll analyze the history of the gender pay gap as well as the progress that’s been made and the growth yet to come.  We’ll discuss the existing Federal statutes that can […]

Health and Welfare Benefits Considerations in M&A


Mergers, acquisitions, and other business reorganizations entail a myriad of complex transactions and critical considerations. In this webinar, we will focus on issues specific to health and welfare benefits, including the due diligence process, strategic management of group health and cafeteria plans, and the implications of controlled group status.

Workplace Investigations: Essential Practices and Considerations for Employers


Thorough, timely, and impartial investigation of workplace allegations and concerns is an important responsibility of employers.  Allegations of harassment, abuse, and unethical business practices are just some of the significant concerns that can arise at any time.  Employers and human resource professionals must be able to respond promptly and professionally when made aware of these […]

Compliance Considerations in Today’s Hiring Environment


Employers are hiring at a record pace and the race for talent is extremely competitive. In times like this, it is easy for employers to lose sight of the core practices necessary to make a compliant hire. This webinar will assess and analyze key hiring concepts employers need to remember when hiring in this fast-paced and competitive environment.

ACA REPORTING: A Holistic Review for Applicable Large Employers (ALE’s) and Sponsors of Self-Insured Plans


With preparations underway for another year of ACA reporting, a holistic review of the process will be advantageous for employers. The focus of this webinar is a broad view of the reporting process and its function, not detailed instructions for completing the forms. This includes a summary of how state reporting requirements coincide with the federal framework and an analysis of IRS enforcement actions and related penalties.

HR Trends and Considerations for 2023


2022 was a year of transition as businesses started to return to normal, or at least the new version of normal. With the prospect of continuing higher inflation, higher interest rates, and a slowing economy, human resources professionals and business leaders will be required to navigate a challenging business landscape, expanded regulatory requirements, and evolving employee expectations and priorities. This webinar will address some trends in human resources and serve as a refresher on core HR requirements to consider in 2023.

Benefits Compliance in 2023: Preparing for a New Year

Join us to learn about the most recent developments affecting group health plans and to gain practical insights into the year ahead. During this webinar, we’ll provide a detailed review of the new transparency-related rules, assess the current state of the Affordable Care Act, analyze recent litigation of interest, and make informed predictions about policy initiatives.

Webinar Presenters:

Deborah Hyde and Devan Levandoski

Financial Wellness for the 100%


The past year has shown a critical need for financial wellness benefits — and we don’t see that need slowing down anytime soon.

Filice leaders, Nina Gardner and Dawn Alvarez, sit down with Will Peng, CEO & Co-Founder of Northstar — a holistic financial wellness benefit that helps employees make financial decisions with confidence.

Join Filice and Northstar for a roundtable discussion to discuss:

-Why Will founded Northstar and what their team has learned supporting companies like Zoom, Snap, and NerdWallet as they identified a need for financial wellness. 
-How personalized total compensation advice can improve KPIs such as employee retention and engagement.
-The importance of providing inclusive benefits to help develop employees across life stages and employee lifecycles.

Managing Leaves of Absence Issues in Group Health Plans


Employee leaves of absence present a variety of challenges to the administration of group health plans. While the issues that arise can be costly and complex, employer sponsors are able to protect themselves with careful planning and consistent practices. This presentation will walk through the types of leave scenarios to prepare for (both protected and not) and provide practical approaches.

Webinar Presenter:

Colleen Gale, J.D.