Quarantine is something none of us were mentally prepared for and at this point, many of us are going stir crazy. However, staying home is the best way to keep yourself and your community safe so fight the urge to leave the house. The best way to stay sane during quarantine? Stay busy. Here are some of our recommendations on quarantivities you can do at home:

Learning: keep your brain active

  1. Learn a new language. There are plenty of apps and websites that you can use to start learning a new language and you can choose how much time each day you want to dedicate to this. 
  2. Focus on music. Whether you already know how to play an instrument and can just learn a new song or if you’re like me and have a keyboard but have never taken the time to learn, now is a great time.
  3. Take an online course. This could be work related or just something you’ve always wanted to learn about. Check out websites like Udemy that allow you to take classes online. 

Socializing: social distancing doesn’t mean complete isolation

  1. Make contact. Whether it’s over the phone or on a video chat, make contact with your loved ones. Have consistent communication with them, even if there’s not much to talk about at this point. Now may even be a good time to call up your elderly relatives and record some of their stories or favorite memories. Regardless of current circumstances, this is a wonderful thing to have a record of to share with your family. 
  2. Start a virtual book club. Read the same book by a certain date and then have a scheduled call or video chat to review together. Even if that chat goes from discussing the book to chatting about life, it’s a great excuse to “get together.”
  3. Play virtual games together. That could mean a lot of things. From online video games to zoom jackbox tv session or even video chat games like liars dice. You can find way to spend time together and entertain each other remotely. 

Creativity: keep those creative juices flowing

  1. Learn how to cook. Or if you already know how to cook, try learning a new recipe! Don’t know where to start? Pinterest has a lot of options and you can always ask a friend for their favorite recipe. 
  2. Start an organizational project. Marie Kondo your life, find a Pinterest project, start a bag to donate old clothes – there are so many options for you to choose from here! Organization doesn’t have to just be in your home. Now might also be a good time to organize your computer – files that need to be sorted, photos, recipes, receipts, and all the other things we store can be reviewed and organized. 
  3. Start an art project. This is really broad but pick your preference here. Color in a coloring book, start a time capsule and set a date to open it up, build something out of clay, try your hand at painting, or even repurpose some old items or recyclables (garden planters made of old bottles is a cool one!). 

Mental Health: things are hard, but you can do it! 

  1. Start a gratitude journal. Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day to keep your focus on the positives – or at least bring a silver lining to a bad day. 
  2. Do a daily meditation. Don’t know where to start? There are apps like Calm (I recommend their 7 days of gratitude to start with) or even YouTube videos that can provide guided meditations. 
  3. Exercise as much as you can. You can find workouts online that are great to do at home (for small spaces, I recommend looking up hotel room workouts). Yoga is also a good option and has the extra bonus of having a relaxation component. If you choose to go on an outdoor walk in your neighborhood, just remember to keep at least 6ft between you and anyone else you encounter.

Check out more information about mental health HERE and remember that your health insurance may be offering additional resources as well. We provide consistent updates from the carriers and other resources on our Coronavirus Daily Updates Page.