Level Funded Solution Saves Company $500k on Benefits Maintaining Better Coverage!


Case Study: Nanosyn

The Pain Points
The Pain Points

What was the issue?

Cost: Never-ending Increases
Administrative Headaches: Overwhelmed with Administrative Tasks
Transparency: No Insight into Claim and Population Health
Our Proposed Solutions
Our Proposed Solutions

Based on our Experience, We offered the following:

  • Alternative Funding (Cost)
  • Better Benefits (Attraction and Retention)
  • BenAdmin Tech, Bill Reconcilliation (Admin Headaches)
The Details
The Details

Cost Control is Key

We proposed solutions that would address the following:

  • The average Annual Increase was 2 x higher with the fully insured option vs. level-funded. 
  • Compounded, the difference in PEPY premium would be 25% higher had they stayed with a Traditional PPO plan
  • Maintained the same coverage for six years! The coverage on the plan would have gone down had they stayed fully insured
  • Exposure (out-of-pocket maximum) increased 25% over the same time period
  • Streamlined enrollment with the introduction of Ease in 2017
  • Client integrated Ease with Trax Payroll to further streamline administrative tasks
The Team
The Team

Team participants critical in this success:

  • Client Service Manager,
  • Benefits Admin Representative,
  • Account Executive,
  • Tech and Compliance team members