Monica Mifsud

Benefits Administrator/Marketing

San Jose

Monica is an excited new member of the Filice team and is looking forward to learning and developing knowledge about the Benefits world. She collaborates with her colleagues to make sure that their clients receive the necessary information and benefits. In addition in 2022 Monica shares her time with Team Marketing and is an essential member of bringing blogs and other content to

Guilty pleasure

– Rewatching New Girl or Friends

Favorite music genre

– Today’s Hits

Favorite book or author

– A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Favorite hobby/interests

– Dance, Karaoke, Movies, Books, Volunteer opportunities

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

– Volunteer Program Manager at a nonprofit

On your bucket list

–  to go to all 50 states before I am 50 years old