Melanie Ruiz

Client Service Manager


Melanie is the third generation in her family to work in Insurance and has worked in every aspect of Employee Benefits over her 24 year career span. She loves the people aspect of what she does and that nothing ever remains constant in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

What you don’t know about me

– Despite my loud personality, Im actually super sensitive.

What might surprise you about me

– My favorite thing to do is to be with family & do low key things like BBQ, cook for them, or hang out and play a board game.

Guilty pleasure

– Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Favorite music genre

– 80’s Alternative & Freestyle and R&B. Pretty much anything that takes me back to the day when I had sky high bangs & a spiral perm!

Favorite book or author

– Im not a book girl due to the lack of time but I love a great magazine on Health & Fitness or Fashion.

Favorite hobby/interests

– Interests include travelling anywhere really.  Volleyball second. I have been on a team for all my life and have coached at the collegiate level & club.

Biggest personal challenge

– Being tall. At almost 6ft tall, I never can find clothes that are long enough or that fit me right without trying on the whole store.

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

– Archeologist, veterinarian, or professional athlete.

Favorite thing about working at Filice

– The people I work with are like family. We are all crazy & get along embracing our differences.

On your bucket list

– Visit all seven wonders of the world before my mother is too old and not be able to join me. She gave me the world as a single parent and now I want to share the world with her and give her everything she gave up while raising kids.

Anything else you want to share

– When I win the lottery someday, I am going to move to the Caribbean and open up a tour company. I’d like to have a shack where I can rent snorkel & scuba gear, teach stand up paddle boarding and YOGA.

Favorite quote

“There is no I in TEAM!” ~  Anonymous