Evelyn Nguyen-Calvetti

Client Service Manager

San Jose

Prior to joining Team Chavez at Filice, Evelyn was in the Customer Service Industry for 9 years. Evelyn thoroughly enjoys what she does because she has the opportunity to help people understand the convoluted system that is insurance and benefits.

What you don’t know about me

– I was born in Vietnam and my family was sponsored to come to the United States when I was 3 years old, where we lived in Sacramento for 7 years before we moved to the Bay Area.

What might surprise you about me

– I can dead lift more than twice my weight.

Guilty pleasure

– Indulging in comfort foods.

Favorite music genre

– I don’t know if I have just one. I like a variety of things, including country, r&b, soft rock, pop, classical, dance, and hip-hop.

Favorite book or author

– Shel Silverstein

Favorite hobby/interests

– Weight lifting (major stress reliever!) & I love to experiment with recipes in the kitchen.

Biggest personal challenge

– Balancing work life, family life, and finding time for myself.

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

– Dietician/Sports Nutritionist

Favorite thing about working at Filice

– I absolutely love the team I work with; GO TEAM CHAVEZ!

On your bucket list

– Travel to exotic countries to explore and eat delicious foods from different cultures.

Favorite quote with author

“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” ~ Kobe Bryant