Chuck Batchelder

EVP Insurance Sales & Consulting Services


Chuck’s most successful partnerships have been built on the foundation of trusting relationships along with the ability to deliver meaningful results. Chuck strives to provide each Filice client with the leadership to design the right strategy, transparency in the performance of their insurance programs, and advocacy to ensure clients can navigate the system effectively. Chuck’s team provides the expertise to solve problems, build sustainable solutions, and deliver value to the organization all while making lives easier.


What might surprise you about me

– I can juggle!

Favorite hobby/interests

– I love to cook, but I rarely follow recipes. I study cooking techniques and read about ingredients and flavors.  When I create a meal, I just let my hunger and whatever looks good at the market guide the menu!

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

– I think I’d be an excellent race car driver! That, or I’d like to be part of a radio broadcasting crew for a baseball team.

Favorite thing about working at Filice

– The people and our culture. Each of us have such a unique background and somehow this industry brought us together.  People truly care about their clients.  Working hard and having fun while doing it seems to be the way we get so much done around here!

On your bucket list

– I want to save a life. I bet that’s a rush!