WHO:  Consumers with a current CA Medicare Supplement Plan (generally, consumers over age 65)

WHAT:  An upgraded Supplemental plan to replace existing plan

WHEN:  Now thru April 15, 2019

WHY:  Better plan benefits for less money

HOW:  Apply with the help of an agent certified to help


If you have a current Medicare Supplement plan in CA, Blue Shield has announced that, for a limited time, not only will they allow guaranteed access (with NO health questions), they will also allow an UPGRADE.  

This presents a unique opportunity for Medicare Policyholders to “pay less and get more”, as the Plan F Extra includes vision and hearing benefits that other plans do not have and at an extremely competitive rate.

Why?  Blue Shield wants to attract as many members as they can right now as there are big changes coming in 2020 (this year is your last chance to lock in this plan upgrade that pays 100% of any medically necessary care as long as your doctor accepts Medicare and 96% of providers accept Medicare).  To be eligible, you must have a current Medicare Supplement member card.  

This opportunity ends April 15, 2019, applications must be received during this timeframe to be eligible.  Contact Jeff Bader at Filice Insurance for help and more information.