Small Market


Small budget, big plans and the need to grow strategically.

Small Business is the Backbone of American Business

We hold a special place in our hearts for growing companies, as we were one not long ago. We are determined to make you feel confident in your benefit decisions and passionate in helping you grow to your highest potential. Having grown ourselves from a
3- person shop to well over 150 employees. As such, we identify with the treacherous waters the small business owner swims in. With our solutions tailored to your individual needs, we take pride in creating a personal relationship with each of our clients and being your benefits companion throughout your journey.

Key Services

  • Complimentary Benefits Sites
  • Open Enrollment
  • Compliance Support
  • Legal Support

How We Do It

There is no secret sauce. At Filice we give our best every day to every client. While that sounds like a given, below is a breakdown of the major areas of strength we utilize to service our clients.

A Partnership

Every client we work with is first and foremost a partner. Our culture is friendly, helpful and collaborative and we see you as so much more than a client.

Customer Service

There is no relationship in business without great customer service. Our goal is to satisfy even the most demanding of needs in a way that solves issues and maintains the highest level of satisfaction. 

Customized Benefits

No cookie cutters here. While we lean heavily on our decades of experience, rest assured each and every plan is ALWAYS customized for your specific business.

Compliance Issues

The 21st Century is not the place to be lax on compliance issues. Our dedicated HR pros and attorneys help keep you in compliance and save you time, frustration and money.

Online Open Enrollment

Filice was doing online Open Enrollments long before Covid-19 made virtual meetings all the rage. Our experience continues to propel us into some of the most efficient and sought-after OE experiences. You're going to like it.

Value in Consultation

Whether we are engaged in a consulting role or your business is better served with a broker commission model, our transparency is second to none. You will always know exactly what you're paying for.