Producer / Employee Benefits Consultant
Moraga Office | 805.231.3914

With 16 years of experience, Jessica has proven her ability to leverage innovative strategies that create cost savings and deliver sustainable benefits programs for clients across industries and group sizes.  She prioritizes her clients interests while acting as an extension of the organization. She is strongly dedicated to building meaningful partnerships through personal connections and commitment to the people we serve.

What you don’t know about me –

I started in the insurance industry as a licensed benefits broker at 21 and I have never looked back! The beauty is that I find myself loving this career even more today as I have grown through this industry and the profession has evolved.

What might surprise you about me –

I have completed 3 full marathons and have loved each one for different reasons, but the #1 reason is that there is something “magical” about what the training process brings to so many aspects of my life.

Guilty pleasure –

Anything and everything in the “True Crime” documentary genre – unsolved cases, internal investigations, serial killer biopics, criminal investigations, court hearing reenactments, etc.

Favorite book or author –

Any of the books of poetry or writing by Charles Bukowski

Favorite hobby/interests –

NFL football- whether it is managing my fantasy football team, cheering on my beloved Green Bay Packers, or actually closing my computer to watch Monday Night, Thursday Night, & Sunday games…I love it all.

What would be your career if you didn’t choose this one?

Attorney, specifically a prosecutor

On your bucket list –

Learning to speak Chinese

Favorite quote with the author –

“Most people are willing to settle for ‘good enough’ but if you want to be unstoppable, those words mean nothing to you…being the BEST means engineering your life so you never stop until you get what you want, and THEN you keep going until you get what’s next, and THEN you go even more. THIS is the definition of ‘Relentless’   ~  Grover