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Managing Leaves of Absence Issues in Group Health Plans


Employee leaves of absence present a variety of challenges to the administration of group health plans. While the issues that arise can be costly and complex, employer sponsors are able to protect themselves with careful planning and consistent practices. This presentation will walk through the types of leave scenarios to prepare for (both protected and not) and provide practical approaches.

Webinar Presenter:

Colleen Gale, J.D.

Financial Wellness for the 100%


The past year has shown a critical need for financial wellness benefits — and we don’t see that need slowing down anytime soon.

Filice leaders, Nina Gardner and Dawn Alvarez, sit down with Will Peng, CEO & Co-Founder of Northstar — a holistic financial wellness benefit that helps employees make financial decisions with confidence.

Join Filice and Northstar for a roundtable discussion to discuss:

-Why Will founded Northstar and what their team has learned supporting companies like Zoom, Snap, and NerdWallet as they identified a need for financial wellness. 
-How personalized total compensation advice can improve KPIs such as employee retention and engagement.
-The importance of providing inclusive benefits to help develop employees across life stages and employee lifecycles.