The Data You Need to Control Costs

Understanding the specific health risks and utilization patterns that impact your claims experience is the key to improving workforce health and lowering costs. Our proprietary mix of health informatics and industry know-how translates to a strategy that supports healthy employees and a healthy business.

Information is Power

Our health informatics tools generate analysis that gives you the insight on where to focus for optimal results.

  • Expected versus actual claims to determine if our overall approach is working as planned
  • The causes of your claims experience, along with a complete review of our group’s clinical diagnosis and pharmaceutical usage
  • Utilization patterns to reveal opportunities for changes to benefit design targeted health interventions and patient centered medical homes
  • Wellness strategies to improve employee health based on a combination of claims analysis and biometric feedback

Good Health is Good Business

That’s why offering an effective wellness plan is much more than a warm fuzzy; it’s an integral part of a successful benefits program. At Filice, we’ve implemented workplace wellness programs that have resulted in significant cost savings, increased productivity, and improved health for thousands of employees.  Our programs are a well-planned and engaging, designed to keep your employees interested in embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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