We Deliver. You Benefit.

Filice gives you the tools to manage your health insurance costs without compromising benefits. As experts in best-in-class solutions, the Filice team uses a proprietary model to optimize your benefit programs.


We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current program by cross-referencing your demographics and claims to regional and national benchmarking data. The result gives you insight into the health conditions and utilization patterns of your workforce.


Next, we use predictive modeling to determine if it’s more effective to maintain the status quo or implement a better functioning health program. Our unique mix of health informatics and industry expertise translates to a strategy that supports healthy employees and a healthy business.


Then we look at rates. Through an actuarial analysis of your premiums, we cull credible data and valid arguments and use them to negotiate with your carriers.


We also look at alternative design and funding options to ensure you have a benefits strategy that is sustainable. For self-insured groups, we help manage plan costs by addressing group health risks through targeted intervention and collaborating with third-party providers.

With Filice as your broker, you can have it all – cost control, exceptional benefits and healthy employees.

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