Happy October and almost Halloween! Ironically, October marks all things Halloween, but also it indicates the start of Dental Hygiene Month! I’m sure the CDC decided on October for this health awareness topic because of all the candy consuming that goes on. Of course, you need to enjoy all that you can on Halloween, but make sure you take those preventive health steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

A daily dose of brushing and flossing your teeth will help prevent any tooth decay or gum disease but including regular dentist visits will be an excellent way to maintain your oral health.

It really is important to go see your dentist because these checkups can determine your overall health as well. For example, dentists can observe several conditions like diabetes, stress, immune system-related disorders, or osteoporosis just based on your gum and teeth health.

If you are currently without dental coverage, this may be something you want to change and do some research on. You should have a conversation with the HR manager at your employer or you can chat with a team member at Filice for different options if your employer does not offer that benefit.

When thinking about your oral health, select a dentist you feel comfortable with and can trust. You can ask your family/friends, coworkers who their dentist is and who they recommend. Maybe you want to schedule a consultation with a couple different dentists to meet them in person to help make your decision. Always look over your summary of benefits and which dentists are in-network because coverage can get expensive.

Once you have figured out your dental insurance and what provider you will use, it is recommended to visit twice a year. Your dentist will most likely change the frequency based on your level of risk for cavities or gum disease. The type of care received when at the dentist can include a full examination, thorough cleaning and/or X-ray, this depends on insurance coverage and how frequent they need to look intently at your teeth.

I hope you have a dental friendly October and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team at Filice to guide through this decision!