Meet Falon Berry, a service professional that helps Filice clients “get er done” every day. Every. Day. When not working Falon and her son enjoy everything life in the Bay Area has to offer: food, sun, concerts, sports…Go Giants! Go Warriors!

Software as Service, Data as Service, Technology as Service, App as Service…how do you think service is best delivered?

How about service as service? That is what I work on every day, helping incredibly busy HR departments get it all done. Sometimes that service is software and technology for employee onboarding or termination, sometimes it is answering a quick question about software, sometimes it is calling a carrier or talking directly to an employee about their health insurance. Whatever it takes to help an often stretched out HR department get employee benefits off their desk.

There is no doubt that technology is necessary for a busy HR department to manage employees though, is there?

ABSOLUTELY! There are so many technology options out there for HR! I try to help every one of my clients find a platform that will work for them and be of service in a way that meets their needs.

How do you mean?

I have some clients that are integrating technology in their HR departments and I help train them on their new system. Some clients are already there, but have a question as they are getting used to the new system, while other clients have adopted technology platforms, but rely on me to use the technology for enrollments and terminations for them (they still want to send me an email and have me make their changes).

What technology platforms are you using?

Maxwell Health, Ease Central (formerly Enrollease), HR Connection.

Which platforms are, in your opinion, the best?

Depends on the client. I like to ask these questions: How much employee turnover? How sophisticated are employees? How complex are the benefits offered? What is the bandwidth of your HR department (the most important question)?

What do you recommend for HR departments that have adopted a technology platform and they are not happy with it or the service does not meet the sales pitch they received?

CALL ME! Do not stick with something that is not meeting your needs or that you are not getting any help with, you have choices you may not know of and we can help.

What do you think is the single most important service that you provide?

Being accessible. Truthfully, one cannot predict issues that will arise in any business, but when managing people, anything goes! I am never more than an email or phone call away and I know that, more than any other service, is what HR folks appreciate.

One hashtag for your job?